Connectel Webinars

Expect Connectel webinars to give you tones of content. Content that is low on sales talk, and high on useful information. 

Share the webinars to everyone interested in what you learn during your time with us. The information about all our webinars can be found on this page or on our YouTube channel . YouTube is where you can find any video material Connectel has created for the CEC Solution. Follow the channel to stay updated on what we are up to.

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Past Connectel Webinars

bankid webinar connectel

 BankID Webinar November 29th, 2018 (Svenska/Swedish)

Connectel’s first ever webinar was about BankID.

We deemed the webinar a success based on the attendance and number of questions that we went through during the 30 minutes. It was held in Swedish and more details can be found through the button below.

Information and video from the webinar