The Power of Facebook Messenger

The power of facebook messenger

We expect B2C companies to use Facebook Messenger. Don’t we also expect the company to answer straight away? Like if we were chatting with our friends on Facebook. Did you know that today 63% of us use a messaging app(*)? Also, that 53% of us are more likely to buy from a company that we can reach on a messaging app? In this blog post we will talk about Facebook Messenger and how much potential it’s future has. There will also be two more posts about Facebook Messenger this week.

How was the statistics on your last email marketing campaign? They were probably not very good. Well some companies, e.g. Sephora, have realised that to reach your target group you need to find channels that are not established yet. If you want to stand out from your competitors you need to do the same.

Facebook Messenger – The Next Big Marketing Channel

The features and functionalities of Messenger increase every year. At the Facebook F8 event in May (2018) a couple really exiting features was introduced. Remember these are up and coming and are not available just yet.

First feature is still only in a closed beta version but it’s potential is very exiting! We’re talking about the camera effect, augmented reality. The possibility here is to let customers “try on” products virtually before they buy them. Companies like car manufacturer KIA, beauty store Sephora and sports brand Nike are included in this beta. Read more in this article.

The other big introduction was Messenger MDavid Marcus, Facebooks Vice President, described Messenger M as something that will make interactions that never were possible before, possible. According to him it will make the world smaller. Maybe you have guessed what it is? It’s a translation feature! So soon you will be able to talk to customers who doesn’t speak the same language as you in the app.

But some fairly established features of Facebook Messenger so far is the sending documents, video chatting, the integration of a paying service (like Paypal) and chatbots. They are working on their own fintech feature in Messenger though. This feature will mean that you don’t even have to use Paypal but can send payments easier than ever directly in Messenger. So far it’s only available in a few countries, like the US.

Facebook Messenger is changing all of the time. Who knows how much it will grow in the next couple of years! As David Marcus says in his keynote from the F8 conference in May, it still feels like Messenger is early in it’s development. Exciting!

Build Behavioral Personas

Build Behavioral Personas

Using Customer Service Data

This blogpost is about how you can use customer service data to create behavioural personas. Just less than five years ago we would only build our marketing personas based on stereotypes. The assumptions that a woman have specific interests, and someone with a high income spend their money in this way. We have since then become smarter and realised that the market doesn’t work like that. We now realise the only thing we can rely on is behaviour. 

Behavioural data is more reliable than opinion, I have said it in earlier blog posts. When your company does the traditional market research they will probably only gather data that is less reliable. We soon have a day when a company doesn’t need to make manual market research. All the data they need is already there in the IT systems and processes. You already are tracking traffic to your website and conversion. Probably, how many you reach and engagement on social media. In your customer service you might for example track returned items and categories of issues.


Build behavioural personas with analytics

But you can take it a step further. We at Connectel have developed a speech analytics product with huge potential. To be able to extract valuable data from your conversations with customers could relieve your marketing department from assignments which gives them time to do something more valuable. Instead of relying on surveys that only 10-20 % of your customer base will answer now we can gather data and display it in real-time. Read more about the flaws with market research here.

Instead of sending out Customer Satisfaction questions you can with the help of speech analytics detect whether the customer seem happy or not. Together with data from the rest of the platform you can once and for all understand what channel your customer prefers. You can understand during what times of the day they tend to use what channel. With the help of speech analytics, we can catch all questions a customer is asking during a call, and text analytics can find the same information in emails and chat conversations. These examples are only scratching the surface of what we can do with the different analytics you will have available if you are using the CEC solution.

Get in touch with me if you have questions about the CEC solution or our analytical products.

3 Reasons for Self-Service

3 Reasons for Self-Service

From the customer's point of view

It nothing new that companies want to go for self-service because of the dream of lower costs and less pressure on the phones. While I love omnichannel and have expressed before how every customer service should use the omnichannel strategy there are a lot of companies that are simply not interested. Not as much in the US, but especially in Scandinavia. The option companies have is to make a real effort with self-service. The point here is not to do it for the money but to do it to please the customers who you are not pleasing when you avoid omnichannel.

1. The backup option

If your company is relying a lot on the phone channel your IVR might not be created in a way that is easy to use for your customer. Do you have a lot of options in your IVR and does your customer often end up in the wrong option? Then self-service could be an option to help your customer from going crazy.

It’s also an option for those who doesn’t have the time to make a phone call. Or you might be in a place where you really cannot even make a phone call. If you can solve your problems yourself then your life becomes a lot easier.

2. Self-service is available 24/7

Another great argument for self-service is the availability of it. I have in earlier blog posts mentioned that too many companies are not available when customers actually need them. Most of us realise we have something to solve during the evening after customer service has closed for the day. If you are not planning to solve this issue, then self-service is an option available as a compromise.

Mobile devices also make self-service more accessible than ever. No matter where and when. If you can solve your problem now, then there will be no need to remember your problem. I don’t think you want your customer to go around reminding themselves that they have a problem with you. Right?

But let’s be very clear that it’s only a viable option if you are planning to do the work that it takes to have self-service as an option to human customer service.

3. Better customer experience

If self-service has been built right then one great argument for it is the speed of it. If the structure of the information is easy to navigate then I can get answers to my questions within minutes. At the same time agents have more time to deal with the bigger problems that they actually should spend their time on. No need to call a customer service to ask them to send out a new copy of that invoice you seem to have lost!

Self-service is relying heavily on you using or building a information system that truly works for your customer. A well built self-service system is based on the science of usability. Read this article to get some guiding points on how to let usability guide you. Or google usability and self-service. Either way you do need it before you get started.

So clearly self-service is a win-win situation. For companies that does not want to go omni it is also a great opportunity to deliver great service and support with less pressuring daily effort. But it puts a lot of pressure on you  build or choosing the right information system. We at Connectel obviously stand by our own self-service FAQ product, Custello. You will find information about in a few weeks on our new website. Until then, if you are interested send us an email.

Webchat - Your Website's Golden Star


Your website's golden star

Despite not being a new communication channel webchat is just as hot today for business support as it has been for private communication for decades. We see an increase in its importance if your customers are more likely to visit your website on a mobile device. But in general, your customer is expecting to be able to chat with you. You should also value this channel more than you already do. It gives you the opportunity to be there for your customer in that crucial decision-making moment. That moment when they are ready to buy. Things can still go wrong in this moment. I mean how many companies haven’t experienced abandoned shopping carts?

Some companies report increase in revenue if your customer interacts with your chat function. I see one problem with how companies are handling this feature though. I, as a customer expect the webchat to be active when I’m on your website. That is more likely to be during the evening. The whole thing with a webchat is that I expect immediate answers. If I don’t get an answer within five minutes, then I will abandon the chat and then you as a company has lost an opportunity. I am not okay with you handling chat like it was a channel that can be treated like email or social media.

Webchat Software

Some questions that I might ask might be very basic. Basic enough for you to be able to implement a chatbot during the hours when no agent is available. To implement a chatbot successfully there will be a lot of work that needs to be done to feed the bot with data. We at Connectel are for example working with speech analytics and text analytics to feed our customers’ chatbots.

I have in earlier blog posts about Facebook Messenger described how their version of a webchat can be handled. I also described some exciting new additions to their software. Read those blog posts here:

Webchat summary

Do you see the value? To summarize here are the three reasons why you should use a webchat on your website:

  • It could increase your revenue
  • It will make customer service easier and quicker
  • It will leave your customer with a great impression

Do you want to read more about webchat? Read here what Neil Patel thinks about chat’s potential for marketing. Are you interested in how we can create a process where webchat becomes the golden star of your websiteContact me through email here. 

Coaching with speech analytics, Eviexa & Insight


A while back I held a presentation about speech analytics. A few reflections from it stuck to my mind which has inspired this blog post. It was clear that an interest among the participants were how speech analytics can help improve your coaching ability. To find the agents that really needs your help and give them the support they need.

You already have the ability to barge in or co-listen to your agent’s conversations. Neither one of these are really that good coaching tools though. It will affect your agent’s confidence if they know that you are listening and judging everything they say. With the help of both Speech Analytics and our Feedback module Eviexa you can both give them the space they need to do their job and still know how they are doing.


The main purpose of Eviexa is to gather customer feedback. This means that you can gather direct feedback about your agents depending on what kind of questions you ask. In the platform you will be able to see reports that displays both the results of surveys. You can also see how satisfied the customers (who answered the survey) was with their agent.

Eviexa dashboard

Speech Analytics

This technology will help you dig deeper into how calls are going. While a survey asks the customer about their opinion the response rate is usually not that good. Somewhere between 10-20% can be expected. The good thing with speech analytics is that you are more in control over how much data you gather. You don’t have to gather data from every single call. Maybe you already know what hours of the day you receive most of your calls? Then you can limit it to those hours. The important thing is that it’s up to you.

They most important thing to speech analytics is the quality of the sound on the recording. After you have the recording transcribed then you can do almost anything with analyzing the text. You know better than anyone what your organization sees as important. The first step is always to set clear goals for that process. If you need something then we can almost always make it happen.

Eviexa + Speech Analytics + Insight = High value coaching material

We can export data from Eviexa and Speech Analytics data already land in our analytics module Insight. In Insight we today have a simple display of the data extracted from calls. I know though that we can do so much more. If we combine data from Eviexa with data from calls, then we have everything we need to deliver an agent report of high value. That report is everything you will need to coach your team. Read this blog post to get more ideas about how you can help your agent.

The good thing is that this coaching setup is pretty flexible. All you need is a high quality recording of a conversation and surveys that gather customer feedback. This is something that you can arrange in our CEC solution for both a customer service, telemarketing and customer meetings.

Are you intrigued by the idea of this setup? Send and email to me or our sales team and we can inform you further. Not many companies have the ability to get such a clear picture of how their agents are doing. Do you want to beat your competition on this? Contact our sales team to have implemented!

Internet capacity failure

Description: Capacity failures in internet link

Affected Services: INT

Affected Geographical Area: Stockholm

Current ETR: 04:00 GMT+2

Event Start Date/Time: 2018-03-22 17:00

Disruption in AWS

Description: Disruption in communication towards Amazon Frankfurt

Affected Services: CEC,Voice

Affected Geographical Area:

Current ETR: 14:00 GMT+2

Event Start Date/Time: 2018-09-13 09:00