The small business

From small to large. CEC can grow with your business.

CEC makes it easy to grow organically

CEC is the only customer service system your business needs. Not only is it easy to set up, but it’s also easy for CEC to grow as your business grows.  In the beginning you might not need multiple queues or coaching modules but with time how many modules you use can only increase. With CEC you can arrange an omnichannel setup. You can add all the process features you need. Do it all by yourself in your own pace with the help of our customer success resources.

Omnichannel communication

Stay competitive

For the small business a omnichannel strategy can give you a competitive edge against your larger competitors.

Agent view

Voice channel with IVR which you can design to your business needs.
Written conversations (email & chat) with all customer information right next to the text.
By adding social media channels (Facebook & Twitter) Into CEC you can organise how you manage it together with all your other channels.
Add support tools like speech analytics and chatbots to make you process more efficient and up to date.

Email window with customer journey information displayed to the right

Make your process manageable

Save time with all the tools and features

We can help you incorporate as many of your tasks as possible into CEC. You can save so much time every day by planning your process together with us. We know what the platform can do, and you know what you need. Together we can set you up for a great start!

Admin view

Gather customer information in the Contact Management feature.
Set up a script for those days when you need temporary help and don't have time to train the person.
Work from anywhere. You just log in to the website and start receiving interactions.
Get an overview of what problems your customers have with the tagging & categorising feature.
Follow your own progress in our analytics module Insight.

Image shows Jscripty where you can create scripts with any kind of questions you might need.

learn how to do things yourself in CEC

Let all the CEC resources empower you to solve your own problems

With Knowledge base, CEC University and our blogs are all here to make your life easier. Use them if you want to solve your own problems and challenges. If you feel like anything is missing just let us know and we will add it to our resources. Find all the resources here.

Knowledge base

Find instructions on all our features in knowledge base. Learn how to do everything yourself here.
In CEC University you can find how-to videos for some of the administrator features and most agent features.
Those times you need support from us you can get email support for free.
Never hesitate to contact our Customer Success Managers whenever you need extra training, or need help using CEC better.

Introduction video to CEC.


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Here is what we love about CEC!

The platform has all the features that are necessary for small businesses. Including customized routes for the phone lines, queues, wide range of user tools and good application that also allows full customization. We also appreciate that it was possible to integrate Zendesk into it and do easy, fast follow ups with other departments and suppliers on customers queries.

– Anna, Head of Customer Service @ KitchenTime